Pro Tip: Don’t.

When you’re asking a lady friend if she wants to hang out, and she says yes, don’t text her on some creeper shit talking about “Wear something low cut”


No, dude, fuck you. Fuck your intentions, fuck your hang out, fuck what you had planned, fuck low cut shirts, fuck your whole life, my dude.

you and I? Friends

you and I do not give each other fashion advice, and I am most certainly NOT going to be your booty call.

So men all around, know this.. The quickest way to end your friendship and probably any chance of it ever being more, is exactly by being a douchenozzle.

Thanks, but absolutely no thanks.

This is most certainly not a venting blog, but some things just need to be vented.

Goodnight, folks!

First post of 2015!

10405629_10203411821523794_8160201489796901228_nselfies! woo!

I haven’t posted in a while.. Mostly because I’ve drastically stopped buying makeup. Simply because I’ve started school and it takes up all of my time, plus trying to work for myself takes up all the other time I have.. so yeah.. I really want to get into some new stuff, not necessarily drugstore, so if anyone has any suggestions on new foundations, lipsticks, or anything else, let me know! In the mean time, it’s time to clean out my makeup bag again! I wish my friends lived closer so I could just give them all this extra makeup I have sitting around lol

How could I have forgotten


I’ve been ignoring it for weeks! but I knew today would be a loooonnnggggg day so I decided to reacquaint myself with this amazing foundation. Not only did it provide great coverage absolutely all day and all evening, it also stayed matte, which is something I really enjoy and unfortunately don’t get with many other foundations without having to touch up every few hours.

I think I’m rediscovering my love for this foundation and I’m so glad about it :)

So this thanksgiving I was definitely very thankful for Revlon.

Also Black Friday shoppers are evil

That is all


Drew Barrymore’s Flower foundation? an ok foundation. the best? no. The worst? NYX still holds that title in my opinion lol.

There are other foundations out there that can be better than this, but for drugstore it’s eh
I’m not even gonna review it because the foundation’s been out for over a year and at this point I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said before.
All in all, it made my skin a bit oily, which I don’t appreciate. and it has no SPF, which I also don’t appreciate.


just eh lol

Also I decided to bring it back with the pig tails today :) Highly successful ^_^

20141124_000831676_iOSNo review, but you do get this amazing picture :D lol