About Me


A little about me, I’m 24 and I am happily engaged to a wonderful person whom I deeply care for (Stalk him here)
I live in Florida and there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be!

What you can expect from this blog: Many awesome things, actually! All the things I love as well as all the things I don’t are all topics here! I can only hope that someone out there enjoys my ramblings ^_^

My past times include hanging out with my mother whom I love dearly

20140511_125124_Android10307431_646845635371213_2527710429834024285_n 602034_4493305218283_571345317_n

Sometimes I hang out with family too, but they’re not as awesome as me :D


Other times I like to hang out with friends!

But no matter what, you’ll always catch me with my partner in crime

All in all, I’m just like everyone else and this blog is just a day in the life of a Pixxi <3



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