Anything to report?

No, not really

Well maybe

I’m learning a new branch of the law

I’m trying to be active in the care of my father’s wife

I’ve quit my weekend job so that I could focus more on school and trying to be active in the care of my father’s wife.

Moved into a new apartment with amazing wood floors

Had a roommate, no longer have a roommate

…I think that covers it :)

Where have you been all my life, elf foundations!!??


Elf has been giving me life for a few days now. I know I’m late to the Elf is awesome party but I was holding out because I’ve never really had the chance to try this brand. Suddenly as I’m doing my grocery shopping, I notice a slight change in my local store’s makeup section.. and there it was… a whole section dedicated to elf…. I think I fangirled and rushed over to the makeup so I can FINALLY try these very much liked power and foundation. Needless to say I am now in super love, and I don’t want it to end ever :)

Getting Caught up

Sometimes life likes to play unfair games. This has been the case with me. Maybe warranted, maybe not. But it been the reason for my absence nonetheless.

During my time off though, I have not stopped devoting my love to my vain hobby of makeup. I’m always searching for the next best foundation, or bronzer, or blush. Right now, I’m anxiously searching for a great setting spray.. Please don’t say MAC lol. I’m not sure why my makeup transfers to shirts, napkins, or other unwanted places. I don’t cake my makeup on, and I certainly set it with a powder.. but I guess it’s not enough. As always, I’m open to suggestions :)

I’ve gotten the urge to pick this blog back up becasue of a dear friend. She’s giving me that push to continue eventhough I have no idea what to write about! I’ve been so busy trying to not fail my classes, I’ve really dropped out of everything else I’ve been doing. Of course, lately it just seems like I’ve had to deal with the world on my own, so I guess that leaves little room for writing. I’m currently trying to find inspiration at my new weekend job. I have to say, it’s really nice to be in a law firm setting again. I’ve been working from home and by myself for so long, you kind of forget how to interact with people lol. Hopefully, that weird feeling will pass soon. This is nice change of pace nonetheless. Also, having a handsome attorney as your boss isn’t that bad either :)

I saw the new Physician’s Formula Argan Oil makeup, and I’m very curious to try it. It is a little higher on the drug store makeup pricing, but I think it might be worth it. Anyone that’s read more than one post on this blog knows I like to focus on affordable, but still fabulous makeup products over more luxury brands. If anyone has tried any of FF’s argan oil line, I’d love to hear thoughts about it. I’ll be picking up some things myself soon, so I’ll have something more exciting to talk about than how boring my life is lol :D

Pro Tip: Don’t.

When you’re asking a lady friend if she wants to hang out, and she says yes, don’t text her on some creeper shit talking about “Wear something low cut”


No, dude, fuck you. Fuck your intentions, fuck your hang out, fuck what you had planned, fuck low cut shirts, fuck your whole life, my dude.

you and I? Friends

you and I do not give each other fashion advice, and I am most certainly NOT going to be your booty call.

So men all around, know this.. The quickest way to end your friendship and probably any chance of it ever being more, is exactly by being a douchenozzle.

Thanks, but absolutely no thanks.

This is most certainly not a venting blog, but some things just need to be vented.

Goodnight, folks!

How could I have forgotten


I’ve been ignoring it for weeks! but I knew today would be a loooonnnggggg day so I decided to reacquaint myself with this amazing foundation. Not only did it provide great coverage absolutely all day and all evening, it also stayed matte, which is something I really enjoy and unfortunately don’t get with many other foundations without having to touch up every few hours.

I think I’m rediscovering my love for this foundation and I’m so glad about it :)

So this thanksgiving I was definitely very thankful for Revlon.

Also Black Friday shoppers are evil

That is all