“low-Hanging pants now a crime in Ocala”

Read ‘s article HERE!


Today I saw that my hometown of Ocala, FL had passed a law on “sagged” pants that includes a $500 fine and an up to 6 month jail sentence for what is now a “second degree Misdemeanor offense.” At first I was like “yay” and then I thought about it.. and because very torn.
On one hand, I hate seeing people walking around with pants literally down to their knees. But on the other hand, it’s really no one’s business what someone else decides to wear or how to wear it.
There have been laws like this all over Florida, but a good part of them have been repealed and seen as “unconstitutional” which I can agree with. But there’s so many other cities out there not just in Florida that have implemented this ruling and has worked great.
Cities in New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida have banned the use of saggy or “hanging” pants, calling it a “vulgar display” and “disrespectful.” and have aimed at keeping these law in place in the “interest of common decency.”
Now, I completely agree.. it looks distateful, it looks trashy and dirty and all that.. but is it really enough to have the Government interfere with our closets? Should we be dictated on what to wear and how to wear it?

I agree that everyone should dress like they have some sense.
what I do not agree with is being told what to do or wear and how to do it or wear it. That will never be ok, thus my being torn.

This ban has gone on to be called “racial profiling” claiming that the law is only aimed at black Americans.. This, to me, is something I find ridiculous because I KNOW for a fact that black Americans aren’t the only ones who sag their pants, and the law is very clear about “anyone” who breaks it. It says nothing about affecting black people in particular. there will always be people who make issues a racial thing, so I guess I’m not surprised there.

I’ll end this with a quote from an article on
“Saggy pants is a look borrowed from prison inmates who aren’t allowed to wear belts. But when society starts taking its fashion cues from the nation’s prison population, it doesn’t speak well of our culture”


This may be a subject in which I would really love to hear different inputs from people, so if you feel a certain way about this law, please do let me know! :D


My first Ipsy bag (WOO!)

So, I’ve been MIA for a bit. Lots of stuff happening.
Friend drama, work drama, apartment complex drama.. way too much for my life!
But in the midst of all this drama, this happened:


2014-07-17 16.39.40

I GOT MY FIRST IPSY BAG YAY!!! This came in a bright pink envelope that David (My Fiance) was too excited to way for me to open myself so he of course tore the bag open and opened all of the contents of my bag. He sucks for taking away my unboxing moment lol
The bag was also bright pink, pretty, a little cheap feeling. I wasn’t surprised there and I don’t really care for the bag since the odds of me actually using the bag is nonexistent.
Inside this pink bag of goodies, I got a Bare Minerals 5 in 1 Cream eyeshadow. I was really excited about this because I like cream shadows, it’s easy to wear, and it also acts like a primer. No losing there.
Next I got a Healthy Sexy Hair “Soy Renewal” Beach spray.. According to the bottle, it gives you a “beach look” while conditioning and texturizing and it also has Argan oil..IDK about most, but my “beach hair” look is normally not a pretty one.. Hence why I DO NOT go to the beach.. Ever.. So the thought of me using a spray that gives me beach hair is scary to me.. But since I have it, I will use it and see what happens lol.
Following that, I got “Dark Tanning Oil”.. No. just no.. This follows with the whole “I don’t go to the beach” thing. No tanning!!!
Lastly, I received a pop beauty bronzer and a “tinted” balm by PIXI

The items in the bag were somewhat expected, as we all in the middle of summer and I’m sure a lot of people will heavily enjoy the contents of their summer bag. I am not one of those people though lol. I’ll probably end up giving the tanning stuff to my mother, since she is a fellow beach goer…and will keep the bronzer and lip balm which I used and like :D

Looking forward to more ipsy bags! :D!

a moment of vanity

20140624_151756_Android 20140624_151849_Android 20140624_151713_Android

So I have a new scarf and all these new headbands that I decided to pile on my head LOL also spent my entire lunch hour playing with eyeshadows :) I’m hungry :( but I think I’m getting a little better at it lol!!
Of course, this is nothing fancy what I did, but to me it is a bug deal because I just am NOT good at using eye shadow. Since I was able to wear makeup, I have never been good with it lol I always ended up looking like I got punched in the face and that is def not a good look at all.. ever.. unless your look is “battered woman” then fine.. but that’s not the look I want lol!!
I’ll keep trying to do my best to implement eye shadow into my everyday routine, but I took an hour today just to do eyeshadow.. that’s a bit much. I seriously need to not spend an hour on my face lol.

Day 23: “Eyeshadow”



These are by Hard Candy and I’m surprised that they work as well as they do. Eyeshadow is not something I’m very good at.. in fact, I heavily suck at it, but I’ve made the decision to start incorporating it into my routine since I do want to learn, so I had decided to invest in something inexpensive that I can learn with. So I bought the purple cased one first. I was so surprised at how nice the colors are, so I went back to the store and bought the other 2 palates so I can have more colors to play with lol. I’m starting small, nothing crazy, but I will get this down lol
So for someone who never gets eyeshadow, this is something cheap and great to start with! When I get better, I’ll be maybe investing in something with more variety, but for now, this has been more than perfect.


Has anyone ever tried these eyeshadows?
Any tips on eyeshadow I should know about?
I would love to hear it all lol :)

I got 99 problems.. and waiting is one

So I said I wanted to wait until the end of the week so I could go back to the mall and get the Dior Mascara I wanted to try since I ran out of mascara some weeks ago and never bothered to replace it..
well turns out I didn’t wanna  wait until the end of the week to get to the mall, so I went to my local store and got a drugstore mascara.. Rimmel “Scandal eyes” mascara is what I ended up purchasing.. and since I was there already I also picked up a lipgloss by NYC and an eyeshadow thing by NYC as well.
because I have no patience. and I wanted to have new stuff NOW as opposed to LATER.. and I cannot get to the mall until LATER but I could get to the store NOW.. so yes, that’s what happened
To be perfectly honest, I really like drugstore makeup. Not everyone will always have the money or time to hunt down a place and pay crazy money for things they can find locally and cheaper. That’s my humble opinion.
But I still want that Dior mascara :/

20140617_224059_Android 1



Day 15: “Mascara” (Late)



My mascara for a while was a “Bare Minerals” mascara in black. I don’t like it in other colors, as fun as they look lol. This ia great mascara, it’s not clumpy or runny and it feathers the eyelashes very nicely :) overall, a great choice.
I don’t wear mascara often so when I ran out of this amazingness, I just didn’t buy anything else.
Next week I hope to be making a visit to Sephora to pick up a mascara that I am VERY curious to try



Will it be awesome? We’ll find out :D

Day 14: Favorite Product (Late)

I have a lot of stuff that I like right now, but my new favorite is the one I’ll go with lol


Maybelline’s “Age rewind” concealer is the most amazing out of all concealers that I’ve tried thus far. the brush was something I thought would be a problem but it turned out to be amazing. it’s not messy and most importantly, doesn’t crease or look cakey when it dries.
A good concealer is important to me because for some apparent reason, nomater how much sleep I get, I’m always walking around with crazy under eyes circles.. I assume it’s a hereditary thing because my mom goes through the same issues. So i’ve always been hugeeee on concealer, as I do not like looking like a vampire all day. until I found the Maybelline one, the one I was using was one by Covergirl, which isn’t bad but it can look cakey. Later I experimented with the Kat Von D concealer, and although it’s a gret concealer, it just seemed too heavy for me and the look I try to go with when wearing makeup, with is a natural look.. Maybe one day I’ll try the Kat Von D makeup line again because I really DID love it. the lipsticks and concealer and eyeshadows are all awesome.. I just was not with the concealer.. lol
Maybelline for now wins my concealer related love. Though I will be trying the Bobbi Brown concealer a friend on mine suggested :)