a moment of vanity

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So I have a new scarf and all these new headbands that I decided to pile on my head LOL also spent my entire lunch hour playing with eyeshadows :) I’m hungry :( but I think I’m getting a little better at it lol!!
Of course, this is nothing fancy what I did, but to me it is a bug deal because I just am NOT good at using eye shadow. Since I was able to wear makeup, I have never been good with it lol I always ended up looking like I got punched in the face and that is def not a good look at all.. ever.. unless your look is “battered woman” then fine.. but that’s not the look I want lol!!
I’ll keep trying to do my best to implement eye shadow into my everyday routine, but I took an hour today just to do eyeshadow.. that’s a bit much. I seriously need to not spend an hour on my face lol.

Day 23: “Eyeshadow”



These are by Hard Candy and I’m surprised that they work as well as they do. Eyeshadow is not something I’m very good at.. in fact, I heavily suck at it, but I’ve made the decision to start incorporating it into my routine since I do want to learn, so I had decided to invest in something inexpensive that I can learn with. So I bought the purple cased one first. I was so surprised at how nice the colors are, so I went back to the store and bought the other 2 palates so I can have more colors to play with lol. I’m starting small, nothing crazy, but I will get this down lol
So for someone who never gets eyeshadow, this is something cheap and great to start with! When I get better, I’ll be maybe investing in something with more variety, but for now, this has been more than perfect.


Has anyone ever tried these eyeshadows?
Any tips on eyeshadow I should know about?
I would love to hear it all lol :)

Day 19: “Blush” (Late)

I’m not a huge fan of blush. I just don’t like it.

But sometimes my face looks just too plain and I am drawn to add some color. I’m sure it’s a struggle we’re all too familiar with..
So when I do need to not look so vampyric, I go with a nice blush from “Milani”



A simple blush. It gives a nice light pink color to the cheeks which is nice. Sometimes you do need a slight hint of color in there. and it’s not an overwhelming type of color. It’s pretty. It wear ever so nicely and milani isn’t expensive either which is ideal for me since I don’t really want to spent a lot on something I use every once in a while.. a long, long while lol

Day 18: “Hand Cream”

I use 2 awesome things to keep my hands soft and it has been working out fantastically.

2014-05-24 23.53.11


I talked about this scrub in another post and it’s generally what I use to keep my face clean and it works well and smells very good but I also use it on to exfoliate my hands and make them all nice and soft :)



Cocoa Butter on the hands and pretty much anywhere else is always a good thing. It helps the your hands all soft and pretty and if applied consistently it can also help with Stretch marks! So cocoa butter is def something to keep around :)

So that is what I use to keep my hands soft and pretty ^_^