Lancôme “Teint Idole Ultra” Foundation

about maybe 2 weeks ago I made up my mind that I would search high and low for a new foundation to try that wasn’t drugstore since I’ve tried a few and they’re not bad but hey, maybe the grass is greener lol
I went into Macy’s and was met with the most adorable makeup artist ever. He sat me down and put these creams and founadtion on my face and made me look amazing, so I said I WANT THIS.. I got this foundation and a sample of the moisturizer her put on me all for $48-ish, almost $50, which makes this the most expensive foundation I’ve bought.. Ever, I think.
Excitedly, I get home and I can’t wait to use it myself and see what this “luxe” brand is all about.
First thing I  have to mention is that the packaging is amazing. it’s very pretty looking and the bottle comes with a pump, which is just sublime. So, I wash my face that evening and decide to start using the moisturizer right away since I was in DIRE need of moisturizer.. so as I’m using the moisturizer, also by Lancome, I’m noticing my face is looking a little healthier and I love it. A few days go by and I decide to take out my newly bought foundation and try this on myself.
I really loved the way it looked on me. It gave my face this natural looking glow and it really does not look like I’m wearing makeup at all. I liked that a lot.. The only issue I found with it was that it is really not full coverage and I appreciate full coverage makeup a lot. This foundation at first when I applied it, I wasn’t really sure of it. and I don’t know if it’s just me, but as the day went on, it looked better LOL so by the end of the day I was really happy with it and didn’t wanna remove my makeup.
Now, this foundation IS really great and it looks very amazing and I’m glad I got it, but would I get it again? No. Mainly because I also picked up a Covergirl foundation and also tried it and found that it had a VERY similar effect. and I paid $7 for this Covergirl foundation which I REALLY love. So if I can get a great foundation that doesn’t look cakey, gives a nice glow to the face, and wears naturally and lightweight, I’m going for Covergirl. it’s convenient and inexpensive. Not that Lancome isn’t a great option if you don’t mind spending a little more, but “beauty on a budget” is my motto, what can I say, I’m frugal that way.

20140726_194521_Android 1


The Covergirl foundation in question, I’ll leave for another post. My favorite drugstore foundation is still by Revlon. As far as higher end stuff, Lancome just wasn’t for me. But hey, I’ll keep looking :D

“low-Hanging pants now a crime in Ocala”

Read Ocala.com ‘s article HERE!


Today I saw that my hometown of Ocala, FL had passed a law on “sagged” pants that includes a $500 fine and an up to 6 month jail sentence for what is now a “second degree Misdemeanor offense.” At first I was like “yay” and then I thought about it.. and because very torn.
On one hand, I hate seeing people walking around with pants literally down to their knees. But on the other hand, it’s really no one’s business what someone else decides to wear or how to wear it.
There have been laws like this all over Florida, but a good part of them have been repealed and seen as “unconstitutional” which I can agree with. But there’s so many other cities out there not just in Florida that have implemented this ruling and has worked great.
Cities in New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida have banned the use of saggy or “hanging” pants, calling it a “vulgar display” and “disrespectful.” and have aimed at keeping these law in place in the “interest of common decency.”
Now, I completely agree.. it looks distateful, it looks trashy and dirty and all that.. but is it really enough to have the Government interfere with our closets? Should we be dictated on what to wear and how to wear it?

I agree that everyone should dress like they have some sense.
what I do not agree with is being told what to do or wear and how to do it or wear it. That will never be ok, thus my being torn.

This ban has gone on to be called “racial profiling” claiming that the law is only aimed at black Americans.. This, to me, is something I find ridiculous because I KNOW for a fact that black Americans aren’t the only ones who sag their pants, and the law is very clear about “anyone” who breaks it. It says nothing about affecting black people in particular. there will always be people who make issues a racial thing, so I guess I’m not surprised there.

I’ll end this with a quote from an article on sfgate.com
“Saggy pants is a look borrowed from prison inmates who aren’t allowed to wear belts. But when society starts taking its fashion cues from the nation’s prison population, it doesn’t speak well of our culture”


This may be a subject in which I would really love to hear different inputs from people, so if you feel a certain way about this law, please do let me know! :D



Facebook is where we spend most of our time these days. It’s a great way to keep up with friends, family, and everything else for that matter. So it is no surprise that most, if not all of us have Facebook!

So with this said, I’d like to bring up my Facebook and ask everyone who reads this to please check out my page and if you like it, please like it!


If you look around my blog you can also find my Instagram and Twitter pages and if you want to like them too, well hey, that’s even cooler :)




I’m sleepless and guilt ridden for the way I spoke to my mother today. It was supposed to be an amazing day, and I was quick to accept the time off that was offered to me today at work just so I could spend some time with my family, as we all have different schedules and it is so hard to get us all to come together. They finally got to my place and I was so excited to have them over! We decided to go to the mall since we all were hungry and we all wanted something different -_- Once at the mall, my brother and I decided we wanted Panera.. so on our way to Panera, my mother blurts out the most random, most prejudiced thing I’ve heard in a while.. outloud.. in English.. in a mall full of people… I lost it. I don’t know what came over me, but I had it. I started lecturing her on how bad it is that she would say that and I became infuriated and pretty much blew up on her.. She got mad or embarrassed, or both and stormed off as we were getting to the Panera. I felt instantly so horrible, I knew that I had hurt my mother’s feelings, but I wasn’t sorry for it, just sad it happened.
After that we continued on with our day but I know she felt bad and I know I did too.. Shortly after, after we saw the fireworks, she decided to go home along with my brothers.
When she left I still couldn’t help but feel so horrible about the way I had blown up on her but I also wasn’t sorry for what I said and it made me feel confused, sad, angry and all sorts of other emotions, which lead to me going down to Wendy’s and buying the biggest burger I could and devour it and now I am laying in bed nauseous and feeling like shit about life..
On one hand I cannot feel bad about what I said to her. I feel I am entirely justified in the anger I felt at hearing my mother say such a borderline racist thing that I won’t even repeat out of respect for her. It is not right to look down on other cultures, nationalities, or people just because they are different. Not understanding different things doesn’t give us the right to dehumanize these people or notions and treat them like they are worthless or second class. I have never nor will I ever tolerate that behavior from anyone and hearing my mother say such things really hurts because she was person that raised me and she always taught us to embrace people, and difference, and individuality.. and to hear her sounding so close minded and against everything I stand for hurts.. But this should be no surprise to me since she’s always been this way.. But as of lately it seems she’s gotten more vocal about it and it is wrong. In every way, shape, and form, it is wrong and I cannot accept that. My biggest fear is that one day she’ll say the wrong thing to the wrong people and we won’t be there to help her. The thought that something might happen to my mother is enough for an emotional breakdown. I couldn’t bear it.
On the other hand, however, I felt like shit because I made her feel like shit. I know she was startled by my reaction and looking back on it, I was too, since I always find ways to settle issues by talking, I reacted very violently this time.. I know she was shocked and hurt by me talking to her the way I did, and in some way she feels she did nothing wrong by speaking her mind and like she said, she CAN do and say whatever she wants, but freedom of speech doesn’t always mean freedom from consequence.. and it’s the consequence part that scares the shit out of me. This closed minded way of thinking isn’t just hers, and I know that. It is a mindset formed by media, uninformed people, and the general thinking that just because something or someone is different, it must be bad and shunned. I can’t completely blame her because prejudice is all around us everyday of our lives, and there will always be more and more people who adopt this way of thinking.. But she should know better than most that being different is hard. She knows all of the things we went through, our house being vandalized, getting weird looks from people, and even her husband being asked to leave an establishment once just because of where we come from.. So knowing how hard it is to be different, to look different, and to even speak different, how can she be so ok with stereotyping and using slurs? How can she do to other people what has been done to us?
I can’t change everyone’s way of thinking, and I understand that. But I really do believe that everyone should learn to love one another and that is how I try to live my life everyday. Tolerance is the way through life. I love my mother to death and she is my role model, my hero, my everything.. but there’s some things I cannot agree with and I cannot be quiet about them.
I feel like shit right now, but only for the way I made her feel.. Not the point I tried to make.

A very happy girl

I went to the mall today to try and find something for my father. Well, I failed. Hard. I walked around for what seemed like hours, though I was only there for maybe 45 minutes.. I couldn’t find a damn thing

but I did find the Love Spell perfume and some headbands :D!!

I didn’t do too bad, considering the headbands were like $2 each and I got 4 (greedy me)
and like I said in my last post, when I was living in Ocala, for some reason the Love Spell perfume was not being sold anymore so after YEARS I finally find it and no one expects me to get it?? no, I got that shit lol

that still leaves my father giftless -_____________-

I’ll find him something when my mom gets here :)

Also, Sephora almost got my entire check today.. Thankfully, I was already feeling bad anough about getting the stuff I did and I didn’t let myself shop at Sephora today… But my next day off… it’s going down in that store :D Saw some really cool things and I’ve been DYING to try the Bobbi Brown concealer my friend Pooja recommended.. soo yeah that’s gonna be my next makeup buy, I’m pretty sure..

So happy father’s day and all to everyone who’s a father and to the moms doing the father thing too :D

Day 13: “Perfume”

omfg I love perfumes!


So I’ve used a lot of perfumes in my little lifetime but there’s only a few that I REALLYYYYYY enjoyed and I will talk about them lol




Ok, can we just talk about how AWESOME this perfume was! It was actually my first perfume! I remember when the “Love Spell” line by VS came out, I was walking around the mall in Ocala (where I grew up) and I smelled this omg awesomenesss.. This VS girl was handing out perfume samples and when I smelled this heavenly scent I knew it was love. It turned out to be a short-lived love since they for some reason discontinued the perfume and just kept the lotion and body spray, which is cool, but I like the perfume. So that romance died for me lol



After my fallout with Love Spell, my mom recommended this next perfume, Chantilly. It smells like baby powder and apparently my mom used it when she was younger.. so I went and bought and fell so much in love!!! Loved it so much I still buy it today. It smells like baby powder and I’ll smell amazing all day! Absolutely love the way it smells!



Ciara is an interesting type of perfume because it doesn’t smell the same on everyone. I tried it once because this is my mother’s perfume and I just didn’t like the way it smells on me. I thought it was musty. However, on my mother, the shit smells gorgeous! My grandmother also uses this perfume and it smells like flowers on her lol



The “Fame” perfume is so awesome to me because it’s black lol I got this for Christmas from my amazing Fiance and I was so in love with the perfume!! I also got the body wash and lotion with it. It smells really sweet, sometimes too sweet, and I noticed that it seemed to fade rather quickly. After a few hours, I just didn’t smell like perfume anymore, and I hate that. I don’t appreciate a type of perfume that I have to keep spraying on me and I like to smell awesome all day lol Though, I still use the perfume, and I have no plans to stop purchasing it, this perfume just has a cheap feel to it. Smells good. just idk. Has anyone tried it? Am I the only who feels this way?



Last, but certainly not least, is the perfume I am currently in love with. This perfume legit smells like candy. I loveee this perfume!!! All my perfume stories start with me walking around the mall.. This time I was with my good friend Manny and I was going through some stuff, breakups and sadness and all lol and he was trying t cheer me up so he dragged me to the mall. Here, I met a girl that worked at a perfume stand and she was showing me some perfumes. I picked out a Playboy perfume, this perfume, and a Beyonce perfume but as I went to pay I realized I didn’t bring my wallet with me and all I had was $30.. By a miracle of god, this lady let me take home all 3 perfumes for $30 lol I was baffled and soooo happy. This perfume later because Manny’s kids’ favorite perfume and they would take it out of my room and literally play with the bottle everyday. The kid in me was like “awww” but the adult in me was like “2 toddlers playing with a glass bottle….um, death..” so I flipped out and took it from them all the time but they were determined little ones and I miss them bunches :D lol
This perfume smells heavenly and not only that, it will last all day.. ALL DAY! I’ll spray this all over in the morning and by the evening, I still smell amazing, which is something I love because like I said, I like smelling nice :)


This post went on longer than it should have

Has anyone tried any of these perfumes? What’s your favorite? :)

Pet Peeve: “I like you better with your hair straight”

This is something I’ve heard throughout my entire life. “You’d look better with straight hair” “I like your straight hair better than your curly hair.” Now, I don’t take offense in these comments and I often never say anything about it because I know no one means ill when they say it. It’s a complimet and a simple “Thank you” is what I reply. How then, is this a pet peeve?

well, we should start from the beginning.

If you look at my mother, she’s always looking so beautiful with her straight hair.. The problem with that is, her hair isn’t naturally straight! It actually used to be as curly as mine. She’s been straightening her hair all her life and now her hair doesn’t even curl anymore. Anywho, growing up, she did the same to me. I was always at beauty salons getting my hair chemically straightened and spent hours getting my hair pulled under a hot blow dryer or often sleeping in rollers to have straight hair.. All before I was even 10, mind you.. When I was 9, shortly before we moved to the United States, my mom just couldn’t find what else to do to my hair to keep it from getting so “out of control” so she cut it off.. You can imagine the teasing I endured as a small child in school with hair like a boy, simply because it was curly and to her, ugly. Growing up, I adopted this idea. I was taught that if my hair wasn’t perfectly straight, I was not to be considered “pretty” or even “likeable” and I always kept my hair up and I kept straightening it and doing all kinds of things to it. I used to envy people with straight hair and despise my own hair..

In High school, I met a group of friends, who would shape who I am today.. They took me in despite my shyness and my heavy accent and embraced everything I said and did and never questioned me. Slowly, they started showing me new music and I began to love music and read all types of awesome books. Being that I came from a family that damned everything that wasn’t Jesus related, doing these things were like a new world for me. They also introduced me to many different types of clothes, as they would bring me clothes to wear almost every day and I’d change in the morning and again in the afternoon and come home like nothing happened lol. But the one thing they changed about me, is how I felt about myself. They encouraged me to love myself for who I was.

One day, a group of girls took me to the bathroom one day and practically ripped my hair tie from my hair and took out a tub of gel and submerssed my head into a sink filled with water. They fixed my hair, put me in some clothes and literally pushed me out of the bathroom.. When I left the bathroom, it was like a movie.. Everyone stopped and stared and my even the guy I had the hardest crush on looked at me like if he was seeing me for the first time. EVERYONE loved my hair.. I looked in the mirror and realized for the first time in my life that I AM amazing and MY hair is part of who I AM! From that day on I never tried to hide myself from anyone..

What a lot of people don’t realize, especially in the latin culture that I grew up in, is that there’s no such thing as “bad hair” or “ugly hair” and people shouldn’t be made to feel like they’re less because of how they naturally are! Straight hair doesn’t make me beautiful, or prettier, or anything! and I don’t need to be defined by someone else’s standards! I love me for everything I am and for how I naturally am.

To many people their hair is something they deal with or many just take for granted. For me, I AM my hair. I am free and gorgeous and I dance to my own beat. The way I discovered myself, as weird as it sounds, was because of my hair! Looking at it, watching everyone love it, made me realize, there’s more to people than the cookie cutter way society expects us all to be. We’re all unique and that’s what makes us individual. Not everyone has flawless skin, not everyone has an hourglass figure, and not everyone has straight hair. But everyone is beautiful if we just take what makes us individuals and accentuate it.

So to conclude, it is a pet peeve when people tell me I am “better” with straight hair because I am so much more the way I am naturally supposed to be. I don’t take offense, I don’t get mad, I appreciate the compliments, and I do like my hair when it’s straight. But nothing beats my amazing natural curls. It’s not to say I don’t do anything to my hair, because I often do. When the ocassion calls for it, I am not above pulling out my hair straightener or making my hair different. But my everyday look is always a natural one, and it’s my favorite :)


Working in a call center

I happen to be one of those people who works in a call center. Mind you, mine is a virtual call center.. it is still a call center.
Everyday I am forced to listen to people that make me question how humans have lasted this long in the world.
Everytime I think I’ve heard the most ridiculous thing ever, the phone rings and I am proved wrong. It baffles me every day of my life and I often find myself wondering how people can be so ugh!
“I want to make a payment, but I don’t want to give you the numbers to my Credit Card.. What can you do about it?” umm.. NOT TAKE YOUR PAYMENT OBVIOUSLY.
“I don’t understand why my service has been cut, I’m only a few months late” Do you seriously expect me to answe that without laughing at you?
“Your hold time is ridiculous” how exactly is it our fault that everyone had the idea you had? Excuse you forever
“I need to talk to you about my insurance policy” Sure, let me transfer you to that department “I don’t want to be transferred again” WELL I GUESS WE’LL JUST SIT ON THE PHONE AND NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR INSURANCE POLICY BECAUSE THAT’S NOT MY DEPARTMENT AND YOU’RE A TWAT
“I need to speak to your supervisor” YEAH, cuz they’ll magically make the rules disappear cuz you’re, what? God?
“I’ve been a member since 1956, what do you mean you can’t help me!?” uh.. Just because you’ve been a member since dinosasurs roamed the earth, it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the rules, so have a seat and check yourself.

PLEASE GUYS, when you call for service.. ANY service.. Remember that the person you are talking to is also a person.. and we listen to people like you all day.. So please be nice. Please don’t be an assshole.

Changes!!!! (EXCITEMENT)

A few things have happened to my blog in the last few hours!

I have my own domain name! (YYAAYYY!!!)
Pixxistick.com! WOO

I have a new header picture that I made myself (and would REALLY appreciate feedback!)

I added an “about me” page as well as a “Contact”

So now that I have done all types of awesome blog related stuff I will take myself to bed :D

Any and all feedback on the slight changes are more than appreciated!

My “weekend” rant

I don’t work conventional hours. I don’t have normal days off, so my weekends are Wednesday and Thursday and sometimes Sunday. Usually, by the time my days off come around I am way too exhausted to do anything. My life sucks from 10 hours a day of listening to stupid people on the phone so I usually want to barricade myself under my blankets and not have any type of human contact. This “weekend” was nothing like that for me and it pisses me off deeply.
Wednesday I started my day working.. working! are you serious!? yeah, I started working.. I worked maybe 4 hours because I wasn’t going to work all day on my off, fuck that. So after i got off work, I decided I’m gonna chill finally.. uh, no. I’m not apparently.
My father decides to call me to come pick up his fish tank because he gifted it to David and myself since David has been wanting a tank for a while because he apparently likes fish. So David and I got ourselves ready and went on our way to pick up a tank. Being at my father’s house, I know it won’t be a quick in and out, which stresses me out because I don’t like where he lives and i don’t like being there. But I endure. We come, we eat, we watch a movie, we get our tank and we leave.
I’m home. Finally. the final stretch.. My days off, let them start.. as if
After David and I finish carrying a table and the fish tank into our 2nd floor apartment, I look around at my newly aquired stuff and think.. “Where the hell are we going to put a fish tank at!” So the search begins to find a new home for this fish tank in an 800sqft apartment.
So I start moving things around, and of course, David decides he wants to be bothered by everything. “Why are you moving this” “Why are you moving that” “i don’t like this” “I don’t like that” .. like, stop already. As I start moving things around, I start seeing more and more mess starting to compile around me and I lost it.. Cleaning frenzy. Bye sleep, bye relaxation. One thing lead to the other and before i knew it, all the contents of my closet were on my bedroom floor. I start rearranging everything and throwing things out and that’s when David started throwing a fit.. Listen, bro. I don’t care that you like to hoard shit, do that shit on your own time. I’m trying to keep liveable place here and you’re interferring with those plans, so no. He has this very annoying pack rat thing about him. He keeps everything.. Receipts, boxes, EVERYTHING. I’m not with that. The thing is that he’s like a kid about it. He’ll bitch about it if I throw these things out, but if I do it while he’s not home, he’ll never notice they are gone. Just last week I threw out a whole bunch of other stuff and he would never know they are missing. Why? Because he doesn’t use them, which means he doesn’t need them. So after he was done throwing himself a little fit, I decided I’m not going to bother trying to reason with this right now, I have cleaning to do -_- I cleaned out all of the mess from my part of the closet where I keep all my stuff and I was able to even fit my desk where I keep all my perfumes and makeup in the closet. I was so happy. I finally have an organized space to put all my scarves and all my stuff.. I put away all the clothes and the dresses I no longer use because I work at home and I made space for the things I wear regularly.


So with a clean closet, and a neat room, not even David could stay mad. He ended up loving the way I set up his games and his TV in the room with our new table and he liked the organized closet and so started to organize his own stuff soon after I was done with all my stuff lol.
At the end of my weekend, I ended up having no rest at all or much of a weekend for that matter ,since on Thursday I also worked -_- and did laundry all day lol But my apartment is awesome, David has a fish tank, and everything that needed to be taken care of is.
Now it’s back to work for me and in between that, more laundry -_-